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Objective: Collect at least one necessity card from each of the three categories and obtain $1,000,000 to win the game.


Contents: 24 necessity cards, 10 steal cards, 2 credit cards, 36 action cards, die



Each player:

  1. Randomly chooses a residence or vehicle card to start with. It is free.

  2. Starts with $100,000; the rest of the money goes into the bank. 


NECESSITY CARDS: There are three types of necessity cards: residences, jobs, and vehicles. One of each is needed to win the game.


STEAL CARDS: If a card instructs you to steal another player's necessity card or money, you may either choose to steal or pass. Place the steal card in the discard pile.


CREDIT CARDS: Can be used to purchase necessity cards; or used as payment for action cards. It cannot be used on “bankrupt.” After use, it is placed in the discard pile. 


ACTION CARDS: Instructs the player to complete various activities. Note: If an action card requires you to pay and you don’t have the funds, you must sell necessity cards to cover the cost. If you run out of cards to sell, and still owe money, you do not go into debt. 

There are three types of action cards. 


  1. PAY DAY: All players with a job receive their salary. If a player does not have a job, they receive $20,000 in “Daddy’s Payroll” from the bank. Some residence and vehicle cards also collect money on Pay Day. 

  2. Numbered Action Cards: Roll the die and complete the corresponding action. 

  3. Specific cards: Collect or pay money for a specific reason.


Playing the Game: The youngest player starts by drawing a card from the deck. Take turns drawing cards in the clockwise direction. A player can pass on any necessity card. When a card is used, place it in the discard pile. During your turn you can sell any vehicle or residence card to the discard pile for half of the buying price, rounded up to the nearest $10,000.


If a necessity card is on top of the discard pile, the player whose turn it is can choose to take it instead of drawing a card from the normal deck. They must pay for it, if necessary. 

You may only hold one job. If you acquire two, you must choose one to keep and put the other in the discard pile. You can only hold two residences and two vehicles. If you acquire three, you must choose two to keep and discard or sell the other one.


The cards in your hand are always laid in front of you, face up. Read each drawn card aloud.

Winning the Game: When a player collects a residence, job, vehicle, and one million dollars, they must declare their success before drawing their next card. Play continues for another round. Whoever is winning at the end of that round is the winner.


How to determine the winner:


1. Essential Items: A residence, job, vehicle,  and one million dollars. If any player has at least one more essential item than everyone else, they win. Note: Having more than one of each necessity card does not count as extra.


2. Highest Net Worth: If two or more players have the same amount of essential items, count up the value of their necessity cards by purchase price (job cards not included). Add that to their total cash value to determine their net worth. 

Please email if you have any questions.

How To Play Video

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