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One day, I was playing The Game of Life with my family. Then my dad said, "Wouldn't it be funny if one of the squares was like get hit by a bus?" The idea was born.

I developed Morbid Living as a business project my senior year of high school. I released the game for pre-order in January 2022 and delivered the game in April 2022. You will see me every weekend selling the game at our local farmer's markets. 

My goal is to create a bunch of games based off of Morbid Living. The super dark adult version is in the works!

Founder, CEO, Game Designer


Hello! It's me, Andrew. I'm the guy behind the game. I'm a sophomore at Iowa State University studying Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance. Please buy the game so that I don't have to get an actual grown-up job coming out of college. I just want to make fun games.

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